Chase 15 comprises Andy G, Andy C, Donna, Lucy and ‘P’.

Andy G has played bass guitar since about 1984 and saxophone since 2015, he also enjoys mountain biking, but not with the sax… or the guitar come to that.

Andy C was with ‘P’ and Andy G in their original band ‘Overture’ back in the mid eighties.  Andy plays guitar and still finds he has to fiddle with his knobs to get the best sound.

Donna was once in a punk band, and boy does it show in her powerful, but soulful voice.  She is also great at ballads such as Will You, which requires skill and control.

Lucy is our youngest member.  Donna and ‘P’ met her in a local choir some eight years ago.  Along with Donna she is a whizz at picking out harmonies.  Lucy also dabbles in a bit of keyboards occasionally.

‘P’ is a bit of a multi-tasker, she sang and played keyboards in ‘Overture’ back in the day, but has retaken up guitar.  ‘P’ has a really soulful voice which is fabulous for Only When I Sleep and Moyet’s This House.